Walking around the Adriana Varejão exhibition at the ICA/Boston I kept returning to this piece, viscera spilling from gashes in a white-tiled wall. The intensity of color, the shocking gloss of the innards, the juxtaposition against the clinical tile (and clean space of the gallery) are disturbing and repulsive yet so compelling. It’s well worth a visit.

Disclaimer about my taste in art: Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg’s A World of Glass installation has a similar push/pull vibe and was my favorite thing at the ICA last year.

From the Adriana Varejão exhibition: The “meat” paintings recall the all-over physicality of works by Jackson Pollock or Helen Frankenthaler, who dripped, smeared, and spread paint over canvases… Painted polyurethane and solidified oil paint explode from the canvas resembling blood, flesh, tendons, and organs. These works alter preconceived notions about the act of viewing art by disrupting the distance between the viewer and the object.